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Depression, Anxiety, Wellness, Trauma, Transitions, ADHD, Loss, Co-parenting, and more

Sherry Hubbard, MS

Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner

State Certified Marriage & Family Therapist

State Certified Professional Counselor

Bellevue, Nebraska  68005

​(402) 292 - 7712

It is a privilege for me...

to assist people in creating the "aha moments" that change their lives.  I am inspired and challenged each day by the resilience and resourcefulness that clients bring into my office.  

My goal is inspire and challenge you to  expand your confidence and awareness toward meaningful innovations in your life.  I like to say that many of the things that create meaningful change are sometimes  "simple but not easy".  It is a joy for me to walk beside you and help you to feel more confident in becoming a stronger, clearer, more peaceful YOU!  

My  Thanks, in advance, for the opportunity to work with you!  


 In person as well as on-line sessions available:

Many are choosing to limit face-to-face communication due to the airborne transmission of the COVID viruses.  For people with autoimmune or chronic lung or heart problems, this can be particularly serious. For this reason, I am currently offering BOTH in-person and online options.  

For those who choose an online option for appointments:

1. When we set up an appointment, I will ask for your email address and send you forms to fill out before your appointment.  You will create a "patient portal" and a password so that we will have a secure way through which we will communicate.

2.  Once those are complete, an appointment reminder will come via email.  At your appointment time,  click on the "patient portal" link . This will provide a link to your session. 

Simple, right?   And if you have any questions, you can just call and ask them! 

I look forward to working with you!​​