My Building  across from La Mesa Restaurant on Frort Crook near 370  - 4th Floor.

"I've learned that...

...making a living is not the same thing as making a life."

Maya Angelou.

Invest in becoming your best self!

Bellevue, NEbraska

1406 Fort Crook Rd S, Suite 401

Bellevue, NE  68005

(402) 292 - 7712

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“They blew out a breath...

...and did the thing all heroes must do—they took that terrifying first step.”
― Chloe Neill, Midnight Marked

If you need to contact me in an urgent fashion, or wish to share confidential information with me, please call me at the above phone number. E-mails are not legally protected as privileged communication, and have greater risk of security breach.

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